Why is it important to hire a professional makeup artist?

Your wedding will seem to pass with the blink of an eye, but your photos will last a lifetime.  Makeup for photography requires a professional's expert technique of highlighting and contouring for you to make your skin and natural features radiate.  This technique can only be done by a trained, licensed professional.


What kind of makeup do you use? 


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Why Esacpe Day Spa?

Our artists will work with you to design a personalized look. We do not use the same look on every bride. Our makeup artists are trained to work with every skin type and ethnicity.

Will my makeup last?

If you go to a professional artist, your makeup will last throughout the duration of your wedding. The only thing that needs a touch-up is lipstick, so be sure to purchase one for your keeping.


Booking a Consultation

Let our seasoned pros show you how beautiful you can look on your wedding day. The appointment includes a consult to design your makeup and trial run of how it will look on the big day. We recommend bringing in any photos of styles that you like from magazines.  Wear a button up shirt to your appointment so that you do not smudge your makeup or remove it on your clothes as you would if you wore a regular shirt that you would have to pull off over your face.